Daniel's Costa Rica Trip Report

News Summary - Costa Rica Quality Conference (CRQC)
San Jose, Costa Rica, March 14-16, 2005

By Roger Echeverria, Edwin Garro, Dr. Alberto Miller,
Eduardo Peña, Daniel Sniezek, & Dr. Manu Vora

The San Jose Palacio Hotel in San Jose, Costa Rica was the
venue for the first major quality conference organized by the
newly formed ASQ International Member Unit (IMU) in
Costa Rica. The Conference took place on March 14 & 15,
2005. The post-conference workshops on March 16, 2005
were held at the Camara de Industrias de Costa Rica. The
Conference theme was “Performance Excellence in the New

Around 130 people including 26 students from two major
universities participated in the quality conference. About 86
professionals attended five scheduled workshops after the
conference. The overall attendee feedback for the conference
was at 100%. The Steering Committee for the Costa Rica
Quality Conference (CRQC) was comprised of the following
members – Roger Echeverria, Oscar Gamboa, Edwin Garro,
Carlos de Gracia, Rodrigo Jimenez, Dr. Alberto Miller,
Omar Mora, Randall Obando, Eduardo Pena, Daniel Sniezek,
Dr. Manu Vora, and Linda Zysko.

During the mornings, there were eight plenary keynote
speakers from Costa Rica, Mexico and USA. In the
afternoons, there were three parallel tracks with two session
speakers each in the two consecutive time slots with a total of
24 sessions with local and international speakers. According
to Dr. Juan Maria Gonzalez, Vice President of the Chamber
of Industries of Costa Rica, “This is one of the best
conferences organized in Costa Rica in some times”.

The Conference was a good opportunity for new emerging
faces of quality in Costa Rica to present their work or talk
about their experiences.  Additionally, it allowed the
extensive amount of ASQ certified professionals to support
their re-certification efforts.

The Conference was a success from the financial point of
view. With generous sponsorships from various entities, the
ASQ Costa Rica IMU has a positive cash flow from the
conference and workshop events. The Conference sponsors
were: Baxter, CR; GOAL/QPC, USA; Quality Council of
Indiana, USA; Hospira, CR; Maestria en Sistemas Modernos
de Manufactura, ITCR, CR; Praxair, CR; Broome Community
College/SUNY, USA; Minitab, CR; Stuart Graduate School
of Business, IIT, USA; Business Excellence, Inc, USA;
Citigroup – Global Consumer Business, USA;  CIED –
Georgetown University, USA; Ludovico Produccion Grafica,
CR; and Daniel Sniezek, USA. The CRQC Steering
Committee sincerely thanks all the sponsors for their
wonderful support.

At the conclusion of the second day of the conference, all the
students who attended the conference discussed a possibility
of starting a student branch in Costa Rica. This effort is
underway and is likely to bear fruits for student branch
formation in 2005