Daniel's Reynosa, Mexico Trip May 2006
Tamulipeca University at Reynosa and Campus Bio Bravo


The trip started in Binghamton where Peggy drove me to the airport at 4:00AM.  She is so special.

The trip to McAllen, Tx. took most of the day since it took me through Detroit and Houston.  Along the way I
met a magician.  He was interesting with his birds and all.  I drew a little picture of me drawing a picture of the
cups and table of the airplane.  I asked the question which was real.  He is one of the first to answer it
correctly.  So which is real?

I arrived and Lucia Columbia Lopez picked me up at the airport.  She is a great and happy person always
interesting to be around.  She took me out for lunch…well dinner, then a little ride to Mexico.  After we crossed
the bridge we took a little tour of the neighborhood.  I enjoyed seeing people sitting in the shade avoiding the hot
sun.  The little shops were in front of where everyone lived, the palm trees, and the beautiful faces of the people.

She took me to the hotel where I dropped off my stuff and got into my tourist cloths.  I got rid of my dress
jacket and put on my raincoat, Dominican Republic hat and a smile.  I did forget my Costa Rican cane but I did
use it the next tour.

We drove to Campus Rio Bravo.  This campus was in the middle of a little town, close to the circle where the
church and other Catholic University was.  The Universidad Tamaulipeca is a private school that is centered on
education for the local industries.  There is engineering, law, business, sports and much more.  The campus at
Tamaulipeca is about two stories high with 20 to 30 classrooms, a little library and an auditorium.  I enjoyed the
atmosphere of the University.  It was friendly and kind.

I was lucky and had the opportunity to visit all the classes and especially one where I sat and talked to the
students.  This was a special day.  It was Mother’s Day in Mexico.  Many of the students and teachers did
not come to class.  I decided to talk to a small class of about 4 people taking Industrial something, not sure.  We
talked about quality concepts and I did my little parable thing, which is talking in metaphors to make them
think.  I even got to share my Water State Diagram, that is my theory on organizational and market
development.  Later in the week, these same students came to hear me talk at the chamber of commerce.

On our way back to the hotel we saw a circus with white tigers.  I have never seen white tigers.  There were
about 6 of them.  We stopped and I sketched them.  Gee, how powerful, interesting and sad all at the same time.


Today was the day of the conference.  I got to give my little talk on the future of Quality and the quality
profession.  The conference was at the Best Western and my hotel was the Howard Johnson.

I got there early so I could have breakfast with George Lopez my guide and new friend.  We walked to the
other hotel where I got to meet all the hard workers.  I got to talk to all of them.  It takes a lot to put on such a
conference and I wanted to make sure they know I appreciated it.  I even got there early enough to do a little
sketch of a new building in the style of old Mexico.

The talk went well, with many other talks that followed.  I was tired so I went to the hotel and waited on lunch
at 3:00PM.  OK, I really checked my e-mail and did a lot of work. It was nice having a high-speed internet line.

After the conference and before dinner was a tour of Reynosa.  I think they wanted to show me the great large
factories of the area.  I enjoyed seeing the small shops and people enjoying their life in Reynosa.  I saw donkey
drawn carts, great sunflowers, white buses bringing people to work, bike riders and a generally happy life in

Then we visited the rector of the University, you know, the big cheese.  Being a peasant I felt honored to visit
Oscar Rodriguez.  Oscar made me feel at home and I did.  Oscar’s wife was there taking pictures of our
visit.  I wish we had a little more time together.  Vanessa Dalid Ku Martinez is one of their daughters.  Vanessa
and Lucia are the reasons I came.  They invited me and I could not say no to their smiles and friendly nature.  I
hope to return in November to talk to some industries and students about how we can do some workshops in
February.  It is all about helping each other.

The evening was at a nice restaurant in Reynosa for the little goat meal, a tradition in this area.  It was great.


Today was the second day of the conference.  I was tired from working much of the night on my computer
doing work.  I know it could wait but I wanted to take advantage of the high-speed internet line.

The conference continued with talks about Kaizen, Human Relations and Engineering topics.  I found Jesus
Lechuga Almaraz’s talk especially exciting.  He started with Adam Smith and went to Drucker through many
other organizational styles.  I really would like to share with him my theories.  He would be a great resource.

I got tired and went to the hotel.  OK, I did work.  After doing a little work I got to tour the town.  I asked to
see a museum or something of historical significant.  We went to a community center in the center of town.  It
looked like they had dance and art classes there.  I sure wish I could take a few classes.

We then toured the city by foot.  This is the best way.  It was great!!!  People were everywhere, shops
everywhere….  I got to go to the church and pray for Peggy’s health.  She had just told me she had a cold.  
It worried me greatly.

We returned for a late lunch. We sat around and talked and talked.  I got to meet a new interpreter who was to
help George but I forgot her name.

After lunch and a look at my computer work, we went to Rio Brovo.  I was to meet the mayor and give a little
talk at 8:00.  I did not start the talk until 8:30 but it was fun talking to the local people and students of the
Catholic University and Tamaulipeca University.  It was Friday and everyone should have been cruising the
streets.  I was amazed anyone was there.

After the talk I got to meet George’s significant other.  She was a beautiful smiling person with a great
heart.  She wanted me to meet her family.  We went about 3 blocks and had a little picnic from the family
foodstand.  I understand it is set up on the weekends and the close friends go to eat, like a family dinner in the
states.  I got to meet the great-great grandmother.  She was a friendly person and I could have talked to her all
night.  She had 8 children and now has grandkids everywhere.  She said when she built her house here it was
between third and home of the baseball field.  I found this interesting since her husband and children played
basketball as professionals.  Why was it not a basketball court?  Well, that was for another day.


Going home I was concerned about crossing the boarder but it was uneventful.  I got to meet Sylvia a great
friend at the airport.  We had coffee and talked about making the world a better place through quality.  She
made sure I got on the airplane.

The trip was uneventful and it gave me time to sleep as others did.

I arrived home to see my great love Peggy arms open wide for me.  The best part of coming home is seeing her!