Daniel's Guanajuato - Monterrey Honduras Trip 2006
Guanajuato and Monterrey


The trip started at Binghamton Airport sketching Peggy.  I did not wish to forget her beautiful face.  There were
lots of flights from Binghamton to Detroit, Detroit to Houston and Houston to Leon.  Well, there was a stop in
McAllen, TX for we were running out of gas circling Monterrey due to a radar outage.

Silvia and Carlos met me.  They must have been waiting for hours since my flight was at least 5 hours late.  
They are good friends not to have left me stranded.

2/26/06 The Mummy Day

Today we were greeted in the morning of the Enterprise Inn with a really full breakfast with all the Mexican
delights and even eggs.   It was great that Carlosâ's wife was there as well.  Silvia and I were guests of Carlo
and his wife.

We drive to Guanajuato City to visit the mummies.  It was a beautiful drive where we saw cactus, commercial
trucks carrying road materials, great dwellings in the Mexican style and, of course, cowboy hatted gentlemen.

On the way, we saw Jesus!!!  This reminded me of Honduras and Peru for I found Jesus there as well.  Now I
can say I found Jesus in Mexico.  It is a great statue on a mountain.  There is even the face of Jesus in the
mountain rocks.

The mummies were very interesting and I sketched many.  These were really people buried in the normal way in
the local graveyard.  After they could not pay to stay, they were dug up and it was found they mummified.  It is
due to the special soil here.  What was most interesting is that I thought I did not have to pay any more after I
died.  I guess I am wrong.  I guess the local Mayor makes everyone pay monthly or yearly rates to keep buried
in the graveyard.  Interesting.

We then visited the mines.  I forgot we also went to the local school CBTIS 173 where they teach chemistry,
computers, mechanics, and tourism.  We picked up the Director Catalina and Lulu.  They were our tour guides
in their city.

The Mines per the ticket is San Ramonâ to visit Nuestras Galeries.  It was an interesting place, actually, a
hacienda, a great house, with an entrance to the mine.  I enjoyed the atmosphere of the place and the little trip to
the mine.  Got a good sketch of a round stone wheel that ground the rock.

Next was Valenciana where there was a great church.  Gold was everywhere, probably from the mine.  I
prayed for Peggy.

Then we went for a walk through the city.  What a beautiful city.  I could stay here for days just sketching
pictures.  We ate lunch.  During lunch Alberto arrived for a good reunion.  Alberto and I have dreamed about
this day for many years.  I was so glad to have him join me.  His heart is so much into helping others.  This was
a good day for us.  It even got better!


This was the day everyone arrived.  Gloria was our great helper and inspiration to keep helping others.  She is
such a great friend.  It is good to have her to celebrate our new student branch.  She brought a new friend

This day was a day of speeches and thank you.  There were about 150 Directors, students and Government
Officials to welcome the new Student Branch.  It was great.  I got to speak about how important student
branches were and how they are changing ASQ.  It was a heart-warming experience.

After the celebration, we proceeded to lunch.  I got to sit with the new student branch members.  They are a
great team of people and I am sure they will not let us down.  They are just great!!!!

Then we were off to San Miguel where we visited the typical Spanish colonial town.  We walked the streets and
knew it was a town you needed to spend more hours there.

2-28-06 The Sports Reception.

Today we were greeted and told we were going to throw the ball or balls out for their little Olympics.  It was a
great surprise to see all the various schools of Guanajuato getting together for a great sports event.  Alberto
kicked the soccer ball.  I got the basketball.  Great way to start the day with 1000 lives being effected.

Alberto gave a talk on Leadership and mine was a stakeholder dialog on quality.  It was at Universidad
Tecnologica de Leon, a very nice campus.  I hope to return to an ASQ conference here someday.

Then for the Mexican Yell for the evening at Pantion Taurino, a traditional bull fighting place where there were
tombstones as tables.  The Mariachi band played all night with a great guy next to me doing the Mexican Yell.  
This is a yell but very musical.  What a night!

3/2/06 Off to Monterrey

The flight to Monterrey was on Mexicana Airlines.  I wanted to fly on a Mexican airline just to get the feel of the
place.  It was great.

I arrived at the airport and left the luggage area.  No Fernando.  Yes, I know I was not to worry.  Fernando was
there with his video camera in my face¦saying Dr. Dan.

Well, we became good friends.  He took me to my hotel.  The Four Point Sheraton Galerias Monterrey.  
Fernando dropped me off for he had work to do for the conference.  He returned with Raymundo, a student
with great ideas and intelligence.  Fernando had to leave to deliver some papers.  Raymundo and I talked for
three hours about the Water State Diagram and the world.  Interesting.  I hope to visit his home some day.

That night was just preparation for the conference.  I was tired and went to my room.  Students seem to be able
to go all night and I guess they did.

3/3/06  The Conference

The conference was great with many great presenters and about 500 participants.  The conference had:

Myself as the lead presenter on Future of Quality.
Quality in Manufacturing and Service Prince Kumar
Ing. Fausto Saldivar a very nice guy from GE.

Let me just list some names:

Dr Cheryl Wolfel – Community Consolidated School District 15.
Lic. Bernardo Manuel Aguilar Montiel
Ing. David Alvarez Barbosa

Gee, there were such great speakers it is hard to list them all.

This conference was two days.

During that time I visited the University and a school for young people, real young people under 5 years old.  It
was the Centros de Desarrollo Infantil number 5.  It was a joy to visit these young people and the good things
this school is trying to do in the local poor community.

OK, I admit I was very proud to be there.  Why?  They made me wear a hair net.  Yes, me, the bald guy!!!!

The conference was going on and on but we met such good people.  I was invited to Universidad Tamaulipeca
on May 12 and 13.  I hope my schedule allows this.

3/4/06  The day of fun..and tours..

I started with a sketch of Palacio de Gobierno; it is the White House but brown, a beautiful place.

Francisco picked me up after a few phone calls and we went off through some roads where I saw taxis picking
up cowboy hatted passengers, hard hatted individuals pushing wheeled barrels.  There was new construction
everywhere.  A small boy was sitting on the ground selling shoes.  What an interesting combination.

We visited the great rock formations of Huasteca that was white rock going straight up.

We visited the History Museum Museo.  I got to show Francisco around his countries museum since I had
been  there before.  It is a great place that shows how great the people of Mexico really are.

The evening was a seafood dinner, then a visit to Fundidora and a ride through the city.

Home was the next day.

What a great visit and a great people!