Daniel's Dominican Republic 11-06 Trip Report
Purpose:  The purpose of my trip was to give hope to
the Dominican Republic people but most specifically
the CASS Alumni.  It did not end up that way, for the
alumni gave me hope.  It was so great to see the
one-time students actually become outstanding,
dedicated and successful adults.  It gives me hope!!!!

11/15/06  Start of the trip

The start was an arranged pick up of Alberto at a
local restaurant.  We proceeded to Syracuse to catch
our flight.  We joked and said this was our In Kind
contribution for we prefer to leave from our local
airport.  My reason is Peggy usually drops me off and
I get to kiss her goodby.

The flights were on time with a little confusion in
New York larger airport.  Arriving in the DR, we
were greeted by the same driver we had before.  It
was great meeting him again.  He drove a newer van
than last time and we joked about how rich he was.

We arrived at the hotel about 9:00PM or so.  There
was no room for us.  They had no idea who we were.
 Luckily, I had the confirmation number but no room
is no room.  We ended up at Hispaniola Hotel which
was within walking distance of the Santo Domingo
Hotel.  My credit card did not work at the hotel.  My
backup card did not work but my corporate card
did.luckily.  I was in the room.  The hotel was less
expensive and had a casino with free drinks and food.

11/16/06  Arrived Early to Tour Santa Domingo?

The next morning Alberto left me for a business
meeting.  I was assured someone would come to
show me around the city.  But at what hotel?  I did
not know so I walked between hotels all day.  I did
meet new people and did lots of sketches.  Even the
casino gave me free food.  I had a fun day.

We spent the evening with the speakers and our
hosts.  I wanted to talk about El Presidente, the local
beer.  I got to taste my first El Presidente Light beer,
a new innovation of the DR.  A GREAT BEER!  We
ate over-looking Columbus house.

11/17/06  Conference Day

Today was conference day.  Many presenters were
ASQ Fellows and top in their fields.  I found all
presentations very interesting and informative.

When I arrived I was to talk about open markets and
how it would affect the quality pro and practitioner.  I
used the El Presidente Beer as an example of selling a
dream and the crowd loved it.

11/18/06  Day 2 Conference

This day was focused on CASS Alumni.  Many
speakers were CASS Alumni.  I was quite proud to
see that previous students have become very

My talk was a stakeholder dialog to get participants
talking to each other.  It went better than expected.  It
was GREAT!  These people are all leaders!

The evening was fun for we went to Mr. and Mrs.
Domingo Valerio's home.  It was a beautiful home
with art everywhere, really like a museum but better.  
We started a new tradition of throwing glasses into
the air and breaking them on the beautiful floor. JUST
KIDDING Alberto's glass slipped (dog related) and
like a missal, it went straight up and onto the floor.

The meal was a great local dish with everything in a
pot: corn, chicken, smoked pork chops and much
more, served with rice.  It was great.

I thought the evening was over since it was about 12
or so.  It was not for we went to a beer house where
we danced till 2:00 AM.  Well, that is when we left,
but others stayed.

11/19/06  Tourist Day

I made arrangements to meet German at 8:30 AM the
next morning in the lobby at the hotel.  I did not care
what we did as long as I did not spend the day in the

He arrived at about 10:00 AM  I knew he would
remember the dancing the night before.  This was a
great day when we just walked the city and
oceanfront.  It was a great reward, more than I
expected.  I saw the church (cathedral) where
Columbus was buried until 1877.  The art on the
walkway was local.  The fort was a great place to
sketch.  Lunch was at Gonzalez Antonia's where there
was beautiful art on the walls.

We walked back to the hotel along the waterfront.  
German asked if I wanted ice cream.  I wanted beer..  
We had a beer and I sketched a bike with coconuts
and a horse drawn carriage.  The rest of the walk was
along a closed road.  It was closed on Sundays for
families.  It was beautiful.  At the hotel, German left
me.  I hope to enjoy his three children and wife.

I sat at the pool.  GREAT DAY!!!

11/20/06  Going Home

All was well except we had a one-hour connection.  
We were concerned but after thinking a little Alberto
and I agreed to stay together.  It worked out fine.  
Being with Peggy at home is always my reward.
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