October 26 to October 31, 2005
The Airport October 26
Arranging for a trip to Peru was more than a year in the making.  My Peruvian friend wanted me to come.  I also wanted to
come but for some reason our schedules kept changing.  Finally I am at the airport waiting for the flight.  I started in Syracuse
because the travel time from this airport is only 15 hours and one stop in Atlanta.Â
I have called ASQ and my friends to see if the material has gotten through customs.  It has not.  I will do the many
presentation with my little memory card if I have to.  I am ready!
I arrived earlier than I needed to because Syracuse is a well-organized airport.  I went through security with no problem.  OK,
they always stop me for my art kit and some of the tools but after an explanation of the “rules” they usually let me go.
At the airport I sketch many pictures, people and an airplane.  The plane started loading and I was in zone 8, yes, and the last
zone.  Being a peasant I am used to such treatment.  Actually I don't fly Delta much.  I sketched the group while boarding
In the air I was sketching out my Water State Diagram.   I was hoping to get to talk to some students and give them a quick
overview.  I am really hoping to get some feedback on my methodology.Â
In Atlanta I walked the airport for about three hours.  This airport is very, very large.  When I got to the gate I stopped and
sketched some of the people waiting at the gate.  What beautiful people the Peruvians are.
Arriving on the plane I discovered that seat 26B was indeed a seat on the end of a row.  This usually gives me more legroom
and a way to exit.  This seat, however, had a box where your feet went forward and back which is very tight for a tall guy.  
Luckily when the plan doors were closed I moved to a center three-row seat and had all three seats to myself.  I lay down and
had a good sleep most of the trip.
Morning in Peru 10/27/05
The morning view was of a pink rose in the executive lounge were I was served by another rose with coffee in her hand.  On the
wall was an abstract painting with geometric shapes.  I learned later that this was typical of Peru from ancient times.Â
I was driven to the Instituto Para La Calidad were I met many staff members.  I got to review my presentations with Julie Chavez
and Luis Negron.  They were so very helpful through the many presentation I gave.Â
The first was with the students.  I got to share with them the strategic themes of ASQ and the value of being members.  It was
a great time.  It gave me some practice in doing the sketches I sometimes use for explaining the six themes of ASQ.
Back at the Delfines Hotel, I searched to find the dolphins.  I found them and did a number of sketches and generally relaxed.  
(see Head up)Â  and (see Dark Waters).
At 6:00 that evening I got to meet the staff.  I met Augusto Ayesta Castro the instructor for the 6-sigma class.  He is a great
enthusiastic person and it was great to talk to someone who loves quality.
At 7:00 we met with ASQ members.  They want to start an International Member Unit.  We discussed the possibility and I gave
them some forms and assistance.  I look forward to sitting with them in May when they receive their IMU.
Water Before You Ask 10/28/05
The service at this hotel was simple stated “Water before you ask”.  They anticipated your every need.Â
From 7 to 11 we did a stakeholder dialogue with people from everywhere in Peru.  It was a rich and enthusiastic group.Â
Lunch was with managers and key personnel from various companies.  I gave DanÂ’s Methodology of 6-sigma without the
stats stuff.  What a great time with great people.
Between meetings I had the ability to sit and watch the dolphins.  There were two swimming and playing together.  They
generally did not pay much attention to anything till the trainer showed up with some fish.  Then they had their heads up and
were ready to play!
Lunch was with the General Managers from various industries:Â  mining, transportation, military, manufacturing and more were
represented.  We reviewed the general methods of DanÂ’s Methodology, is a combination of 6-sigma, TQM and Lean.  All
went well with few in-depth questions.  At the end of the presentation a number of company representatives came and invited
me to their facilities.  I wish I had more time on this trip to do so.  Maybe next trip I will have more time.
The university Dean Eduardo Ismodes was the next stop.  This was a very uplifting meeting.  The Dean was very enthusiastic
about getting new student members for ASQ and supporting a conference at the University.  He was very supportive of trying to
get an International Member Unit here in Peru.  We talked and talked with many ideas.  I look forward to our next meeting.  I
left encouraged we can have an IMU and a conference in the near future.
After the Dean I went with Jose Carlos to the visit the Architect.  I sat there sketching the view of Lima and reading a good art
book.  The meeting was short but it gave me some insights on how to do design review in a better way.
Visit the City 10/29/05
Today was my day.  I got to ride around in the city.  I sketched pictures of many buildings and cars and people.  It was a good
time.  What an exciting and beautiful city.  See beautiful)
I got to also visit an Archeological Museum.  We saw the pottery and the mummies.  The tour was great.  I wish I had a little
more time to sketch things.  It was difficult with the guide.  I actually did not get any sketches in the museum.Â
Later I got to visit LuisÂ’s home.  What an honor!  I got to meet the little bossÂ…the dog.  Then later the real bosses came
homeÂ…his wife and child.  Before they arrived Luis came out with three wrapped “gifts”.  Well, at first I thought they were
gifts.  I have always been nervous that someone would give me a gift that is an artifact from his or her country.  I donÂ’t mind
inexpensive gifts from local craft people but artifacts are another story.Â
Luise brought out three black vases or pots.  They were beautiful.  One was an owl.  Another was a person, another a bird.  
He just brought them out to share the beauty with me.  I got to sketch them and it was an honor to see the family treasures.
This was a fun day.  I got to share my idea on Quality and Dan's Methodology.  It was well received and many asked questions
and questions.  This presentation had many statistics in it and all seemed to understand.  Technically this was a difficult
subject but I think the instructor prepared them well.
Evening was a great meal at Augusto Castro's home.  What an honor to visit the instructors home.  His wife is lovely and a
great artist.  She saw my sketches and we were great friends.
Last day
Today I visited Lurin.  I found Jesus.  I saw Acrrawasi, the house of the virgins, the pyramid ramp of Ishmaey, the
Tourichumver Palace.  It was a great tower with many sketches.  Nancy was the tour guide and she did not mind me
sketching while she talked.  What a great time!
I arrived at the airport at 9:00 PM for a flight out at 1:00 AM.  Even though there were lots of lines it all went well.
Arriving at Atlanta.  I discovered I could fly out within one hour.  I ran to the airport gate.  Gate B3 and found out it was Gate
B33.  It was another long walk, but I made the flight.
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