Monterrey Mexico Quality Day
Jan 26 -  29, 2006
Jan 26 The flight
What a great start.  Peggy as usually drove me to the airport, waking up at 4:30AM.  What a great love we share.  The first
sketch was a guy in a cowboy hat:Â  a vision of the upcoming trip.
I started out by flying on Northwest to Detroit.  All three flights were good.  The next was to Houston.  In Houston I had some
time to have some Mexican food and did a sketch of a little girl playing with her brother.Â
Landing in Monterrey I had a view of "The Saddle", a mountain that looks like a saddle.  My sketch only got the backside and
saddle horn, but it was a pleasant view.Â
Exiting the airport was a long walk but a pleasant one.  Andy who was a nice guy met me at the airport.  For some reason
when I got up from my seat on the plane I got sick in the stomach.  It was not MontezumaÂ’s Revenge since I have not met
Montezuma yet.
We waited for another speaker, Izzy.  After Izzy arrived, we visited Museo De Historia Mexicana, a history museum of Mexico.  It
was great.  The museum started at the Pre-Incas, then the Spanish, and the church and on to industry.  It was a great place
for sketching.  I did one of Jesus's Hand and the General of the revolution.  What I enjoyed most were the small paintings on
special exhibit.
Next was the Museo Vidruo, a glass museum.   They had examples from the first glass in the Americas to modern art glass.  
On the walls behind the exhibit were some figure sketches in pencil.  They were very good.  I pointed them out to Andy.Â
We arrived at the hotel, the Four Point Sheraton Galerias Monterrey, a very nice place, too nice for a peasant    When I arrived
there was a very nice note with a basket of candy.  The note said, "The ASQ UDEM Chapter appreciate your valuable
participation in our V Quality Day".  Gee, they make me feel special.  People ask me why I volunteer for such trips.  Now you
can imagine why.
The evening was a formal dinner with the conference organizers and speakers.  It was good to see old friends and form new
1/27/06 The Conference
Today started by sitting in the breakfast room sketching the flowers on the table.  We arrived at the conference early but not that
early since all the organizers were there and ready to go.Â
This conference had great videos.  There is such great talent here in Monterrey.  I must admit I donÂ’t think I have ever been in
such a well organized and technically well done conference.Â
The talk started with me at the front table as usual but anyone who knows me knows I am not a front table type person.  I
quickly moved to the back where I belong.  There was simultaneous translation so I could actually walk around and still hear
the conference.Â
I did not speak until after lunch.  At lunch I got to meet the other speakers and talked about starting a section in Monterrey.  
They have a great group here and they need a section.  I found some willing to take the leadership.
After lunch was my talk.  It was an honor to share my little mind with all the great minds.  I also got to invite all the new student
executive committee on stage to take a bow and a little swearing in ceremony.Â
During the conference I got a tour of the campus and found the little chapel.  I prayed for Peggy and enjoyed seeing the
sculpture of the risen Jesus center alter.
Evening was dinner out at El Papalote a great grill with Paola, Andy and the other speakers.Â
1/28/06 My Day
I woke up remembering I told Izzy I would share my theory on Innovation known as the Water State Diagram.  I went to the lobby
at about 5:00 and he was there.  I did a quick sketch.Â
The plans changed since Andy was to take me around but Monica and Blanco showed up.  What a pleasant surprise.  OK, I
know Monica the President of the Student Branch was to be here to talk me in the morning since Andy had a class.  Having
Blanco as well was great!
We drove to Parque Ecologico Chipinque a place for hiking and biking in nature.Â
I got dizzy while trying to sketch some pictures on the way there.  I stopped sketching.  When we arrived at the top I got to
sketch the "Great White Hope", Blanco and "President", Monica.  I found out Blanco was an artist as well.  He is so very good.Â
 I got to do a little instruction and let him use my equipment.  He sketched me and did a great job.
Then we went back to the hotel and dropped Blanco off since he had to go to work.  Monica and I went to the Maro, a modern art
museum.  The centerpiece was at the entrance, La Paloma.  It is a great bird.  The building was a great masterpiece itself.Â
We went across the street to the Cathedral.  I got to pray and look at the great statue of Mary but what caught my eye was the
doorway.  I got a good sketch.
It was time for lunch and a trip to the waterfalls.  After a few circles we arrived at a restaurant where they flipped and made
bread right in front of you.  I got to do a sketch.  Andy and Monica wanted to show my sketch to the ladies.  I was shy and said
The view of the mountains was great.  The people were even better: a mustached cowboy sitting on the side of the road, the
beautiful long black haired ladies at every turn in the road.  Traffic was not too bad.Â
We arrived at parquet Ecoturistico Cola de Capallo, a great waterfall that looked like a horses tale.  There were horses so one
could ride to the top but it was fun to walk up.  While I sketched the waterfalls Andy slept.  Chickens were on the road on the
way back.
We dropped Monica off since she had a birthday party at 10PM and she was the star.  Yes, it was her birthday party!!!Â
Andy drove me to the top of the mountain.  We saw the Obispado, an old church of the bishop.  We also went to the top of the
hill and saw the large flag.  I understand it is a new thing.  The Obispado was a great sketch and a great place to visit.
1/29/06Â  Flying home
I woke early and did a few sketches.  Sun Rising shows the typical type buildings and a special home I saw last night that Andy
called the Hansel and Gretal house.  It was a home with wooden beams that one would see in Switzerland.Â
This must be the hotel for Mexicana Airlines since there was several of the crew here.  I hope I will be able to fly with them on
my next visit.  I like local airlines because they give one the flavor of the country.Â
Except for the changing of flights from 2109 to 2107, the flight home was uneventful.Â
The best event was Peggy waiting for me at the airport!